A boutique catering firm, One Fine Meal is a result of passion, love and labour of its co-founders. A third generation food enterprise, the co-founders of One Fine Meal belong to probably the first catering family of Delhi.

With over six decades of experience, across various food & beverage formats, One Fine Meal brings the best of food experiences to the catering domain. The understanding of food and its ecosystem, taste, operations, service & hospitality along with intimate approach and guest orientation forms the core of One Fine Meal.

With the belief that no substandard ingredient can turn into quality produce, the operations are centered on a state of the art kitchen along with an experience center in the heart of the city. The kitchen and the experience center adheres to global food and safety standards while dishing out the freshest and the most authentic flavours.


Traditional delicacies, lost recipes, nouveau Indian, regional cuisine, world food, oriental affair, Mediterranean food sojourn, street grubs etc. are all a part of One Fine Meal’s repertoire.

Knowing that food has become more than food One Fine Meal aims at getting conversations out of what’s on the plate. Provides holistic experiences where food is a prominent part, but not the only thing at play. Sublime food experiences today require more than food. 2+2 has to equal to 5 as 4 is passé.

One Fine Meal works on what the guest intends to achieve from a meal and then layout the options.


We offer tailor made solutions for weddings, social gatherings, home parties, corporate catering and workshops etc. We provided unique food and beverage experiences such as tasting menus, wine appreciation dinners, cigar and single malt pairings, cook outs, mixology based events.

For the expat guests One Fine Meal provides ritual services, to get married or revive their vows in the traditional Indian manner.


A state of the art kitchen set up in the city for patrons to see how food standards along with quality is achieved. A first of a kind in the catering industry where normally run down kitchens and on site preparations rule the roost, One Fine Meal probably has made the largest investment in having a kitchen that acts as the core of the operations. Laced with cold rooms, blast freezers, Combi ovens, high pressure ranges, grills and steamers, the Kitchen is a testament to the commitment the people have at One Fine Meal. Temperature Management, Fire Management, HACCAP control and other international norms are put in place at the facility.


The Experience center provides the guest a first-hand experience of the way things are laid out and executed at One Fine Meal. The experience center in an extension of the co-founder’s vision and personal style. The Experience center is a statement showcasing the work that is done at One Fine Meal. The center’s dining area acts as the perfect setting for food trials and getting in sync with the organizations service standards.

Glassware, linen, crockery, food service and display, and all such concepts are placed under one roof for the convenience for the guest


One Fine Meal is associated with the top names in the catering ecosystem ensuring complete guest satisfaction. The panel comprises of

  • Venue
  • Photographers
  • Rituals Management
  • Floral, Linen and drapes
  • Weddings Cake
  • Entertainment
  • Guest Management
  • Set up and Decor
  • Invitations
  • Sommeliers and Mixologist